Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

3 Factors To Look For When Choosing A Criminal Defense Lawyer

by Jared Matthews

If you find yourself the defendant in a criminal suit, there is probably no question that you need an attorney. Although it is undoubtedly the case that you should find an attorney that specializes in criminal defense, what specific factors should you take into consideration when looking for such a lawyer? Read on and discover what you should be searching for in a criminal defense attorney.

Do You Get Along?

Although this seems like a small thing, take into consideration that you will be working with your attorney constantly during a criminal suit. Imagine if you do not like someone at your current place of work; you certainly wouldn't want to be in their presence if they are unpleasant or even hostile towards you. The same – most certainly, doubly – goes for your criminal defense attorney. Make sure that your lawyer explains the proceedings to you in clear, simple terms, and does not attempt to go over your head with legal jargon, or be condescending towards you. The lawyer's attitude should also be amenable and sympathetic towards your situation, rather than someone who is interested in cashing in a paycheck.


Just as you would not want a novice surgeon performing a complex procedure on you, you probably do not want a novice lawyer with little in the way of experience representing you in a court of law, especially when it comes to a criminal case. In addition, you wouldn't want a surgeon who is excellent at liver surgery suddenly deciding that he or she is going to try his or her hand at brain surgery. It is important that the lawyer in question has experience dealing with the particular crime for which you have been charged. Make sure to ask a potential lawyer what percentage of his or her clients are charged with the crime that you have been charged with and what their success rate is. If they refuse to answer, you should most likely take your business elsewhere.


It is probably within your best interest to hire a lawyer that has a preexisting relationship with the courthouse in which your trial is set to take place. Lawyers that have a preexisting relationship with the courthouse have an advantage due to the fact that they know local procedures, and may have experience dealing with district attorneys associated with that particular courthouse. They also may know how certain prosecutors associated with the courthouse operates. For example, certain prosecutors might be more likely to plead before the ongoing procession of the trial.

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Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

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