Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Your DUI Case: When a Lawyer Can Help, and When a Lawyer May Not Be Necessary

by Jared Matthews

Whether you've already had an arraignment for your DUI case or you've just been charged, there are aspects of your case that you can handle on your own. While some people try to handle their whole case on their own, it's important to understand when a lawyer will be able to help you during the course of your case. If you are considering a guilty plea because the evidence against you is strong, you can still work with a lawyer who may be able to plea bargain for you and get the punishment for your charges reduced. If an attorney hasn't looked over your case, you should at least get a consultation before pleading guilty.

When Your Blood Alcohol Content Tested High

If your blood alcohol content testing done on the scene was higher than what is legal in your state, your chances of a guilty conviction will rise based on your test results. If you are close to the legal limit, you may have a better chance at fighting your DUI case with an attorney on your side. If you are going to plead guilty because you believe the field testing done on you is solid, a lawyer may be able to find holes in the testing that you didn't see. If you believe the evidence against you is impossible to deny, you might not need a lawyer to represent you.

When You Are Facing Your First DUI Charges

You aren't going to look more guilty if you hire a lawyer to help you fight against a first DUI charge. In fact, most people hire lawyers for their first charges because even first-time offenders can be hit with substantial penalties. If you are nervous about going to court or don't fully understand the charges against you, it's time to meet with a lawyer for a consultation so that you can learn more about your options. 

When Field Sobriety Tests Are Failed with Witnesses Present 

You probably don't need a lawyer if you failed your field sobriety tests in front of witnesses. If the case against you is strong, the other side may not even consider a plea bargain. If you know that you failed your field sobriety tests and there is plenty of proof that you were driving drunk, you can represent yourself in court without a lawyer and plead guilty. While you may not want a guilty charge on your record, sometimes the evidence against you is strong and you will have to pay for your actions.

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Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

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