Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Don't Let DUI Charges Ruin Your Road Trip

by Jared Matthews

Many people consider road trips and alcohol inseparable. Unfortunately, the same alcohol that can light up your road trip experience can also ruin it when it leads to a drinking under the influence (DUI) charge. Take these precautions to ensure that doesn't happen:

Rotate Drivers

An essential trick is to rotate drivers so that everybody gets the chance to drink when it's safe. Know that blood alcohol is eliminated from the body at the paltry rate of 0.005 for every twenty minutes. This means it can take hours for alcohol to be completely eliminated from the body depending on your BAC level.

Making the computations isn't practical; it's not like you can designate a drinking time and calculate your reducing BAC over time. Even if you could, you may not know your initial BAC. Having a portable breathalyzer solves such problems. Ensure that everybody who gets behind the wheel has a BAC level permissible in the state.

Understand State Laws

It's a good idea to research the DUI laws of the states you will be visiting since they may differ with those of your home state. For example, states differ in how they handle underage (those who haven't reached age 21) drunk drivers. If you are younger than 21 years, you will be arrested and charged with DUI in states with zero-tolerance laws, such as Arizona and Illinois, as long as any alcohol can be detected in your blood. In such states, anybody under the age of 21 should not get behind the wheel after tasting any alcohol.

Know Whether You Can Drink In the Car

You also need to know whether it is legal for you to open those six packs in the car, or even how you should store them. This is because some states have empty container laws, which make it illegal to have opened cans or bottles of alcohol in the car. Some states allow you to have open containers of liquor as long as you store them in specific places, such as a locked glove compartment. If you are driving through such a state, you will have to drink during your stops and get rid of the containers before getting back into the car.

Hopefully, the above precautions will help you enjoy both your road trip and alcohol without getting into trouble. If you do get into trouble, consult a local skilled DUI attorney for your defense. Don't forget that the DUI laws of the state may be different from those of your state, so crimes that may not be considered serious in your home state may attract harsh sentences. 


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Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney

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